Hamilton is Getting an Asian Fusion Donut Shop

Get excited friends because the amazing people behind Mysweetooth are opening up another shop in Hamilton. This time, Jia and Peter are opening an Asian fusion donut shop in the heart of downtown Hamilton. Momoco Donuts will be located at 2 Catherine Street North (not too far from MySweetooth!)

Treats and pictures from MySweetooth

Not many details are released yet and with Covid still lingering around, there are no definite opening dates as of yet. So we got to hang tight!

If you haven’t met the owners of MySweetooth and soon-to-be Momoco, Jia and Peter are wonderful, genuine people who really care about the Hamilton community. Their love of food and sharing Asian culture and cuisine is admirable. “I’ve always wanted to open up an Asian fusion donut shop because donut is associated with my happy childhood memory.” A quote from Jia’s post!

MySweetooth has become one of Hamilton’s most beloved bakeries since they opened their doors right before the pandemic hit in early 2020. The city seems to be super excited with the addition of Momoco Donuts! Check out my previous article on MySweetooth here! And if you haven’t visited them yet, stop what you are doing and head over there now! I highly recommend any of their sweet treats with taro in it! You will thank me later!