Hamilton’s Newest Gourmet Chocolatier Is Here!

When it comes to chocolates, quality really matters! Yes, you can grab your usual chocolate bars from your grocery store, but really those are full of sugar and crappy ingredients. And if we are going to indulge in chocolates, it better be the best of the best!

Hamilton, let me tell you, we are lucky to have another talented business owner sharing their craft with us. Meet Sara Wiseman, the owner, and chocolatier behind Madam Bonbon.

Sara started studying chocolate about two years ago with the intention of starting her own small business. She started selling her delicious chocolates just last Christmas at different markets in the area. She was just about to launch Madam Bonbon at a location on James Street when Covid-19 hit. The original location didn’t pan out but luckily Jordan from Café Baffico generously offered her a space to work and to sell her chocolates. If you haven’t checked out Cafe Baffico yet, stop everything and go now! They have freshly baked bread and food that is truly delicious! You can tell so much love and passion is poured into it!

Sara takes her craft as a chocolate maker very seriously! She took courses from around like the world at places like George Brown College, with Chef Sergio Shidomi through the Chocolate Academy, and even in Las Vegas with Melissa Coppel!

Even though chocolate is notoriously challenging to work with, Sara loves the challenge and actually loves tempering chocolate by
hand (which in my opinion she should get an award for!). Sara is so dedicated to the art of making amazing chocolates! She “wanted to learn a unique skill and do something really well. I don’t see the point in doing something mediocre. I’ve always thought that if I am going to apply myself to something, I want to try my best to achieve excellence. That’s the spirit behind Madam Bonbon.”

So What Makes Madam Bonbon Different From Any Other “Small Batch”Chocolates You Might Ask?

Sara’s chocolates are pretty different from traditional chocolates. They are molded bonbons and they are decorated with coloured cocoa butter, giving them a shiny finish. The fillings are different from traditional chocolates, too. Most of her chocolates have two or even three elements inside them.

I love Sara’s spirit and dedication to the craft of making chocolates. She is constantly learning and trying to make her product better and better. Truly inspiring!

Sara also makes all her chocolates by hand using really good quality chocolate. There are no cutting corners for her. It takes her hours to produce her beautiful and delicious chocolates and it is worth every penny!

What Inspires Sara in the Creation of Her Chocolates?

For Sara, the fillings come first, it has to taste delicious! She likes to combine flavours and textures to make an appealing
bonbon. If something doesn’t seem really appealing to her, it doesn’t make the cut. Usually, the decorating process comes afterward. She tries to use colours that might indicate something about the flavour of the bonbon inside. So my coffee bonbon has a black decoration and the mint bonbon is green.

So How Do I Get Some Chocolates?

Sara’s bonbons are currently available at Cafe Baffico (located at 1375 King St. East, Hamilton) Friday-Sunday or by order.
Contact her at [email protected] to inquire about custom orders.