Glamping in style at Toronto West KOA! A short drive from Toronto for amazing food and hospitality!

If you know me, you know I am not a person who would really set up a tent and go camping. I enjoy sleeping in a bed and using a shower so you might be surprised to hear that I had a fun little adventure at the Toronto West KOA! Okay, well I guess I should clarify and tell you I went glamping, so it’s not fully camping! One step at a time, maybe next time I will venture in a tent 😀 This campsite features areas where you can bring your trailer or you can rent out one of their beautiful cabins as well. We stayed in the Deluxe Columbia Cabin that can sleep up to 6 people (a bunk bed, a queen size bed AND a pull out queen bed!)  This cabin is fully equipped with a full bathroom (Shower/tub, toilet, sink), a basic kitchen with a full size fridge (this is important!!), microwave, portable stove top, and even a little family room to sit back and watch some TV. And not to forget, you get a full patio set outside with a BBQ as well to enjoy the great outdoors.

I’ve heard so much about the Toronto West KOA campground since it is really only about 15 minutes away from our home, but I didn’t realize how amazing this place was. Especially if you have children, there are a ton of activities to do that will keep them occupied during your getaway. Throughout the year, there are activities like Ice Cream Socials, Friday Night S’mores, Magic Shows and so much more. We visited during Mother’s Day weekend and they had a movie night set up as well as a charity pancake breakfast.  There are also playgrounds set up throughout the site that kids are always playing with and on top of that, the weekend we visited, there were tons of kids just hanging out! Great to see them go outside enjoying each other’s company and nature!!

I really enjoyed staying in the cabin because it was big enough but still cozy and more importantly, there was a kitchen. I find staying at hotels nice but they tend to rip you off for the basics.  A few years back, a hotel in Vegas charged me $10 for a cup of hot water!! I couldn’t believe how outrageous they were on the basic necessities!  Staying in these cabins make it easier to save a little money on eating out (especially if you have little ones to feed) and no one is charging you $10 for a cup of water here! Thank goodness!

On the campsite you are surrounded by beautiful trees and you almost forget that you are only a few minutes away from the city!

But if you do want to go out to eat, there is an amazing restaurant right by the campsite, The Mohawk Chop House. Decorated in rustic horseman charm, the restaurant has its regulars that you can clearly tell enjoys the delicious food and wonderful staff.  It was my first visit here and obviously I had to order a steak in a chop house! For dinner we ordered the Surf & Turf and the Schnitzel Wiener Art.

Both of these main courses were HUGE and came with a side of vegetables and another side of your choice.  The steak and shrimp on the surf and turf were cooked perfectly and came out pipping hot which was such a bonus. I find a lot of places overcook the shrimp since it sits under a heat lamp while the steak finishes cooking but not at the Mohawk Chop House. The food was fresh and cooked to order and to perfection. Another thing I noticed which might seem like not a big deal, but is huge to me is that the vegetables tasted fresh and not overcooked (it still had a nice crunch to it, which I love!). Working in restaurants for many years, I’ve seen vegetables get microwaved over and over again making them a big pile of mush.  Good job Mohawk Chop House!! We chatted with the manager Matthew and he told us that the restaurant prides itself on serving fresh and local products whenever possible. It is so great to see restaurants continue to serve local products, I just love it!

Even though we were pretty full from dinner, we had to try the amazing sounding desserts! AND, to top it all off, they are all made IN HOUSE!! Another rare gem these days, most places get them from a factory, slap it down on a plate and serve it to you for $12.99! The dessert options were all the classics – creme brulee, sticky toffee, cheesecakes, hot fudge cake, and apple crumble. We tried the sticky toffee and chocolate strawberry cheesecake and they were both to die for! You can definitely tell they were made in house and tasted so fresh! The portions were also huge for the desserts and we almost had to unbuckle our belt loops to enjoy them!  Not only do they try to serve local foods, they are also a huge supporter of serving local beers. They featured the Nicklebrook Beer that is brewed in Burlington!

After our delicious and filling meal, we rolled out of the restaurant and back to the campground to enjoy the campfire, some s’mores (cause we didn’t eat enough already) and the company of our fellow cabin neighbours.  Each cabin has a nice fire pit outside and you can grab fire wood and tinder from the camp store if you need it. You can also buy all your ingredients to make the perfect s’mores at the camp store.  They really think of everything!  Eleven O’clock is quiet time on the campground so we headed back to the cabin to get some sleep. One thing about staying in a hotel or even at an air bnb, you don’t really know how comfortable the bed will be. Surprisingly, the bed inside the cabin was super comfortable and I had no problem falling asleep.  They even provided sheets, comforters, towels and everything was spotlessly clean! This is definitely nice when you are away from home!

After a restful night, nothing starts the day better than a nice hearty breakfast. We headed back to the Mohawk Chop House to check out their breakfast selection. You can get all the comfort breakfast selection you heart desires.  We picked the Western Sandwich and Eggs and Sausage. The food again was cooked to perfection. They buttered our toast which I know might seem like something I don’t need to write about but I find little touches like this (Instead of giving you butter to do it yourself) makes my experience that much better. Especially if you are enjoying a little weekend getaway, it is a nice touch to get spoiled (Yes, I think someone putting butter on my toast is being spoiled! I am low maintenance 😛 )

Our dining experience for dinner and breakfast at the Mohawk Chop House was phenomenal and if you are ever visiting the West end, you really should make it a point to stop here even if you are not camping.

Not only did we had a fantastic experience at the Mohawk Chop house, I was so happy to experience my first glamping experience in such a gorgeous area. If you are looking for a perfect weekend getaway or a mini vacation for your family, look no further and book your stay at the Toronto West KOA! Tell them Joyce sent you!

*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. As always though, opinions are my own!