Must try Hamilton Thai and Vietnamese Restaurant

lotus Thai and Vietnamese restaurant

I love exploring Asian restaurants and ever since moving to Hamilton, there are so many exciting and delicious places to check out. One thing I wanted to do was to get out of Hamilton’s downtown core and explore restaurants in the nooks and cranny of Hamilton. I recently visited Lotus Thai & Vietnamese Cuisine in Stoney Creek and was so excited to see a small business thrive and really care about the quality of their food!

Lotus Thai & Vietnamese Cuisine serves authentic Thai and Vietnamese food. Owner Flora decided to jump into restaurant ownership after realizing that her and her husband were not spending enough time with their 3 kids when they worked for someone else. With restaurant experience in their family history, they felt confident they can make Lotus a household name for good food!

lotus Thai and Vietnamese restaurant vegan noodles

There are so many Thai and Vietnamese restaurants in Toronto and Hamilton. The main difference about Lotus is that they really care about their customers and the quality of food. When I visited, they had regular customers coming in ordering the “usual” and you can tell they love the food and service there.

Another really neat thing they do is cater to the changing demands and diets of their customers. For example, they recently noticed that customers were requesting low carb or no carb meals. So they decided to create a dish using zucchini noodles. This doesn’t happen very often in Asian restaurants where they cater so much to their customers’ needs. This really makes them stand out! Another trend is more people are not consuming meat. They adapted to that too by creating many menu items that are meat free! This place is great to bring any groups of family and friends with different dietary needs since they can definitely cater to them!

They also serve all your classics and favourites like crab rangoon, fresh vegetarian rolls, pad kra pao, and of course pho and pad Thai.

I was lucky enough to try some of their most popular dishes and everything we so tasty and fresh! I love how they make everything from scratch and you can really taste all the layers of flavours! They know their Vietnamese food from their family recipes and they learned how to create authentic Thai food from their friend, chef and fellow restaurant owner at Thai Waterdown.

If you are in Hamilton or the Stoney Creek area, I would highly recommend you check them out! If you have visited them before, what is your favourite dish? Comment below!