Calamari from Collins Brewhouse

Giving Back with Food in Hamilton! Buy One, Give One!

All around Canada, there are many kids and families who are hungry every single day. Being a food blogger who is lucky enough to get treated to tons of amazing meals, I often think about how there are so many people around Canada that are not eating proper meals. I really believe that food is so important and without even one meal, it can really impact someone’s life negatively. Children cannot develop properly without food. But worst of all, when food is missing in someone’s life, they might associate it negatively which can impact their entire life from that point on.

I heard about Mealshare for some time now. After moving to Hamilton, I noticed that there are many people in need here. One of my main goals for 2020 is to share my knowledge of food and cooking. I hope to have a positive impact on the community here, even if it is just on one person! Mealshare started in 2013 and is an organization that partners with restaurants across Canada to give back to the community. Participating restaurants have special items on their menu with a Mealshare logo next to it. When you see that logo and you order that meal, you are sharing a meal with someone in need. Buy One, Give One! Every time someone orders that meal, the restaurant donates a portion of the sales of that menu item to Mealshare. Mealshare then takes that portion of sales and put it right into the local Boys & Girls Club as well as Save the Children Canada.

There are so many amazing restaurants in Hamilton that are participating in Mealshare. Here are some of them: Bliss Kitchen, Born and Raised, Lou Dawg’s, Brux House, Kamoosh Bistro, West Avenue Cider, Merit Brewing, The Endzone Bar and Grill, Mill Street and 5, The American House,Taylor’s Tea Room, Collins Brewhouse, Lotus & The Bee, Mezcal, The Lunch Lady, and so many more! The list is always growing, so make sure you visit their website to see the latest additions.

I recently sat down with Heather Laird who is the program’s community leader in Hamilton. She is the person responsible for adding all these amazing restaurants to Mealshare in Hamilton. Her passion for helping the community is so inspiring and I am so glad we connected! We visited Collins Brewhouse in Dundas to try their Mealshare menu items; Calamari, Mac n Cheese, and their Brownie! The food was amazing and it was great to see how a meal out can help so many people in need. Everyone can do their part and every little bit helps!

To date, Mealshare has served over 3 million meals across Canada. This is a huge impact that Mealshare is creating. I highly recommend you look into Mealshare to learn more! When you are looking for the next amazing restaurant to dine at, keep Mealshare in mind and select a restaurant from their list to help someone in need!

Have you experienced a Mealshare meal before? Where did you go and what did you eat? Comment below!