You Dough-not want to miss Daddy O Doughnuts and British Baked Goods!

Whether you’re a huge doughnut fan or just like to indulge in one here and there, I’ve found one of cutest doughnut shops in the Greater Toronto Area that you need to visit. Daddy O Doughnuts and British Baked Goods is located in Mississauga, right next to the Dixie Outlet Mall.  It’s all part of a well thought-out masterplan- finish your shopping spree at the mall, burn off lots of calories shopping, then drop by Daddy O Doughnuts for a treat. It all balances out, right?  Right!

Prior to setting up this aromatic, pastel-toned storefront, Owner (and Head Doughnut Decorator) Sarah Kendall-Harris was a busy Makeup Artist.  She honed her craft in this field, then shifted over to Accounting when she saw a second career possibility.  And would you believe it- she discovered that she needed a creative outlet in her day-to-day life while working in accounting.  She then set out to combine previous Makeup Artist expertise with her love of baking, which came from her Dad who baked in England (which is where she learned to bake all the delicious British treats in her shop).  And then her doughnut business was born.  Initially, she owned and operated a booth at the Port Credit Farmer’s Market, and became one of their regular vendors for 3 years.  Once she won the Farmer’s Market’s Best Booth Award, Sarah knew that she was onto something special.  Her donuts worked. Once business started to pick up at the market, she took the plunge and opened up her very own storefront.  Finally, her loyal customers from the Farmer’s Market would no longer have to wait until the summer to enjoy her delicious doughnuts!

These doughnuts are beyond good.  They are life-changing.  I am just going to show you all the delicious-ness (Warning: you will want to lick your screen!)

The choices here are endless. Sarah’s menu changes weekly but favourites like the Homer Simpson Doughnut remain a permanent fixture on her menu given their popularity and novelty. And there’s always one stuffed doughnut on the menu.  And this isn’t your run-of-the-mill custard doughnut.  No ma’am.  Sarah’s stuffed donuts they are stuffed with everything from Mars bars, to Wonder Bars, to peanut butter cups, to Oreos. Just typing those out is making me drool.  All of the doughnuts have awesome, punny-licious names: He Shoots, He Skors! (Skor doughnut), Lemon Bob Marley (it’s jammin’ inside – filled with lemon jam), and even the Elvis (banana, chocolate, peanut butter)!  Sarah also uses her British inspiration and applies it to her creations. One delicious and equally-gorgeous one is called Eton Mess (which is a famous Brit dessert with Strawberry, whipped cream and meringue).  Fun + delicious fact:  Her leftover donuts sell as one-day old donuts for only $1, but sometimes they’re snatched up by the local doughnut-aholics.

And let’s not to forget the long list of British Baked Goods that Sarah makes in-house as well. The menu includes everything from sausage rolls (learn about DCW if you enjoy sausage), to scones, to Chelsea buns!  Even the Queen would be impressed by the selection here at Daddy O!

If you’re looking for some sweet treats for your next gathering, look no further. Your friends and family will love these delectable treats from Daddy O. Sarah also works with customers to create customized, uniquely-tasty treats just the way you like ’em!  So, don’t be shy.  Drop by Daddy O Doughnuts and British Baked Goods for your next sweet tooth craving. You’ll thank yourself for going.

Daddy O Doughnut and British Baked Goods is located at 589 N Service Rd, Mississauga, ON L5A 1B2.