Hamilton’s Newest Sushi Restaurant

I am so excited that Fishing Sushi is finally open! I have great admiration for restaurants opening up during a pandemic and Fishing Sushi is no different. I have been following them on social media for awhile now, patiently waiting for them to let us know when their doors will open. And it seems like I wasn’t the only one waiting in Hamilton! As they opened their doors, they have been flooded with orders every single day! Hospitals staff are very happy to have a delicious sushi restaurant nearby to pick up some lunch as well!

Recently I chatted with owner Hung Nguyen about his new restaurant and why he decided to open a sushi restaurant in Hamilton.

Hung always worked in the sushi business for 12 years and over time with experience and knowledge he wanted to open up his very own restaurant. He decided to open in Hamilton because there is such a high demand for sushi. Concession street specifically because it’s a developing neighborhood and Hung felt like we can add a different type of cuisine in that area.

If you haven’t tried blowtorch sushi, you have come to the right place. Fishing Sushi offers blowtorch sushi & rolls and they are simply amazing. A slight smokiness in the flavour, it really elevates your regular sushi rolls!

If you are new to sushi and want to explore further into Japanese cuisine, Hung suggests you to try a dynamite roll where there is cooked shrimp, avocado, and cucumber inside. It will take them some time to get used to the taste of seaweed.

They have a huge menu and lots of options for every type of sushi lover. You can order online here.

Tip on Ordering

Just a note on ordering from Fishing Sushi. They are very busy for dinner every single day as expected. Most people like to order and pick up around 6pm. If you are able to come by earlier, it would be very helpful for the restaurant to space out the orders. Raw fish Sushi can be kept in the fridge and consumed safely within 24 hours from pick up from the restaurant. So imagine, picking up your order on a Friday at 2pm when you don’t have to wait and enjoying your sushi right when you want to enjoy dinner! Win win for everyone!

Fishing Sushi is located on Concession road. 542 Concession St, Hamilton, ON L8V 1A9

There are plenty of parking on the road as well.