Bringing Sunday Suppers Back in Style!

This was a gifted experience from Chez Dine, but as always, opinions are my own.

I was recently invited to an amazing event from Chez Dine which was all about bringing Sunday Suppers back! Food brings people together and wouldn’t it be great to eat together more? Meet some new friends and enjoy a delicious meal? Of course!

If you haven’t heard of Chez Dine, they are a company that connects food-loving people to pop up dinners and other unique dining experiences. People have an avenue to showcase their culinary skills even if they don’t own a restaurant! For the first Sunday Supper event, Chez Dine partnered with three chefs between the ages of nine and eleven! That’s right, all 3 chefs can’t even drive yet but they pumped out amazing homemade dishes that will impress any food lovers!

The description on the Chez Dine’s website sums up the experience so nicely, “

These three young men have been in the kitchen before they could walk. The offspring of Hamilton & areas finest Chefs and Hero’s are coming together and showing their parents what they have learned and bringing their own style to the table!

Alongside Dads Chef Shane Mc Cartney and Chef Dan Menga the kitchen is going to look like an old school family feast! At least that’s the plan! You see we want to bring back Sunday Supper! We want families and friends to come together more often and enjoy one day a week in togetherness! ”

Chef Shane McCartney is the man behind the famous and delicious Saltlick Smokehouse and soon to be open Pappy’s Fried Chicken joint both located in Hamilton. Chef Dan Menga is the force behind Twisted Lemon in Cayuga, Ontario! You can tell the kids have been inspired greatly by their families and that cooking has been a huge part of their young lives!

The three young chefs, Rion, Dero, and Cohen made impressive meals (everything was made from scratch!) The menu was family styled and included smoked ham, caesar salad, fried chicken, fresh pasta with alfredo and pesto sauce, veggies and desserts too (homemade apple pie with vanilla mascarpone ice cream, ginger orange cookies and to die for salted caramel sauce!)

Apple pie with homemade ice cream and salted caramel sauce

The experience was amazing! The whole event was sold out and it was great to see such strong support for these young talented chefs! You can tell the parents were super proud of the kids’ accomplishments! I am not even their parent and I felt so proud of them !! 🙂

If you haven’t experienced an event with Chez Dine yet, I highly recommend you check their website out and attend an upcoming event!