Move over ice cream truck- The Cupcake Truck is in town!

[dropcap style=”square”]A[/dropcap]h, food trucks!  The best way to get some amazing, local food to your door step (or your neighbourhood park, or streetside. You get the picture)!  Wherever hungry people are, these decorative, captivating trucks will follow. Bisma Bhatti, the Mississauga-based owner of The Cupcake Truck, is one of the latest artists to bring amazing, truck-borne baked desserts to hungry Torontonians (and their dogs! Yes, really!). We do not suggest these desserts for your dogs. We have for that. They offer dog food and accessories for your furry friend!

Bisma creates and offers over 20 unique cupcake flavours, including marble, black velvet, and chocolate peanut butter.  She also has seasonal flavours, with Pumpkin Spice, Apple Cinnamon, Caramel Coffee beginning their debut for this year’s Fall season.  And let’s not forget her signature “Queen B” cupcake,  a chocolate sponge with french vanilla, topped with a “Queen B” fondant medallion. (The Queen B cupcake is actually named after Bisma – the “Queen B” herself!)

The Cupcake Truck

And the menu doesn’t stop with the humble cupcake- Bisma also creates stunning French macarons which are delicately-tasty and light. The beautiful colours just pop out and I couldn’t resist eating almost all of them in one seating.   She also creates “Pupcakes”- 100% dog friendly cupcakes that come in sweet, veggie or meat flavours!

Recently, I met up with Bisma to chat about The Cupcake Truck (and her affectionately-named truck, ‘Sophie’):

Joyce: What inspired you to create The Cupcake Truck? 
Bisma: I started B’s Truly Couture Cupcakes in 2011 and it was a passion that turned into a business!  It’s funny actually, I had been baking since I was a little girl and my mom brought home a frosting tip set and I happen to be freakishly good at it.  I was making roses and intricate flowers without any formal training or instruction within minutes.  I chose to bake cupcakes for a friend’s birthday that night and the feedback was amazing! 

The Cupcake Truck

Bisma: Everyone told me I should do this for a living but I was still on track to be VP of Marketing for a major fashion house.  It wasn’t until a few months later that I had a few friends pass away within 3 months and I moved to Australia to clear my head and just take a break.  I was that girl who tried cupcakes wherever she went and Australia was no different.  I realized there that my cupcakes were different (and so much better!) than anything that was available on the market.  I came back from Australia refreshed, emotionally healed, and motivated to start my business.   I used my skills from my business degree to start the company and took advantage of a really good time in the market.  Cupcakes were (and still are) HUGE! 

The Queen B
“The Queen B” Cupcake!

J: What is the most rewarding thing about driving Sophie?
B: I really enjoy how happy and excited people get when they see her; she truly is beautiful.  I love that I can reach more people because she is mobile, and that I get to be a part of a really special moment in peoples’ lives.  Whether it be a wedding, private event, or corporate celebration, I love sharing in peoples’ joy.  Any successful entrepreneur will tell you, you work 24/7 and there’s no such thing as balance.  But having Sophie has actually given me more time to focus on my other passions and other companies.  I love the fact that I’m not chained down to a store anymore!

The Cupcake Truck

If you haven’t seen Bisma zoom around in the Cupcake Truck- never fear!  She has a calendar on her website that tells you where her next stops will be.  Or you can follow her and Sophie on Twitter for their latest whereabouts. 

A big thank you Bisma for making time with your busy schedule and the delicious treats.  I will definitely be on the lookout for you and Sophie in my neighbourhood!