How to Use Hashtags for Your Food & Beverage Business

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How to use hashtags is one of the most asked questions I answer when I work with business owners. So let’s dive right into hashtags and how to use them to promote your business.

What Are Hashtags?

Hashtags are the little # you see before a word in social media posts. Hashtags essentially are how people find and discover your content. Most people use hashtags on Instagram and Twitter but you can also use them on Facebook and even Pinterest. Hashtags are not case sensitive so whether or not you put #hamburgerrestaurant or #HamburgerRestaurant it is the exact same thing. You just want to keep in mind that you cannot use a space or symbols like “-” in the middle of your hashtags. (Example: #hamburger-restaurant)

How Many Hashtags Should I Use?

With any smaller or new business accounts, I always recommend to use all 30 that you are allowed to use. Since hashtags are how people and potential customers can discover your content, why would you limit yourself to less than the 30 you are allowed to use? Once accounts get bigger with millions of followers, most don’t even bother to use hashtags but that is completely up to you when you reach that point.

Can I use the Same Hashtags for Every Post?

The simple answer, NO! When you start copy and pasting hashtags from one post to another, you are flagging social media platforms like Instagram to flag your posts as potential spam. And when they flag your content, guess what? No one will see it! You might also get shadow banned where your content cannot be seen at all. This can obviously hurt your business and the hard work you are putting into your post will never be seen.

What Kind of Hashtags Should I use?

Try to use hashtags that are not over-saturated. So if you run a burger restaurant, do not use #burger. People around the world are using #burger and has over 17 million uses currently. If you use #burger, that hashtag is wasted. Since people around the world are using that hashtag all the time, your post will be lost and no one will see it. Try using hashtags that are not focused and location related. And think about how people might be searching for content. Some good ones to use #besttorontoburger or #veganburgerottawa.

How do I find 30 different hashtags to use for every post?

You have to do your research and continue to keep up with any trending hashtags that might be relevant to your business. Using Instagram to promote your business is a very powerful tool if you use it correctly and put time and effort into it.

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