Best Filipino Bakery in Halton

Did you know you can find authentic Filipino flavours like pandan and ube in Milton? That’s right, the secret is out! There is a Filipino bakery right here in Milton and you will love all their sweet treats and baked goods!

Bread ‘N Batter was opened in May of 2015 and they have quickly built an amazing team of staff that share their love of baking authentic Filipino treats and have been sharing it to the world. Even though they are a little bit of a hidden gem, they have grown quite the fan base here in town. When I visited one afternoon, the bell of their door kept ringing as loyal customers rushed in to get their favourite Filipino treats before they sell out for the day.

So what exactly are Filipino baked goods? They have cakes, cupcakes, and breads but the flavours reflect more on the ingredients they get back home like ube (purple sweet potato) and pandan (tropical plant).

Here are some of my favourites and I highly recommend you check these out when you stop by Bread ‘N Batter.



A soft bread that is topped with sugar and shredded cheese. You might think it sounds like a weird combination but the mix of sweet and salty flavours are so satisfying and trust me, you are going to have a hard time not eating the whole thing. I recommend you put it in the toaster oven or oven for a few seconds so its nice and warm when you bite into it!

Pandan Mamon

pandan mamon

Mamon is a Filipino chiffon cake – light and fluffy and simply delicious! They have a variety of flavours like mocha, plain and pandan. The pandan one is definitely my favourite. I love the subtle flavours of pandan. If you haven’t tried pandan before, it resembles a mild sweet and vanilla flavour. It is a tropical plant that unfortunately you cannot grow in Canada but you can get it frozen in most Asian supermarkets. The combination of of the fluffy chiffon cake paired with the sweet vanilla flavours makes this quite the winner in my eyes.

Ube Cupcakes/Cakes

ube cupcakes

Ube is a purple sweet potato. Sort of like our regular orange sweet potato where you can make desserts with. The beautiful mild and sweet flavours with the amazing purple colour is a show stopper. I can honestly eat anything with ube in it all day. Many people are scared to try a potato dessert but trust me, it is life changing! Ube’s flavour is often described as a mix of vanilla and pistachios, and I guarantee you will love it! Bread ‘n Batter have a variety of different ube treats like cakes, cupcakes, and even individual sliced cakes if you are worried about devouring the entire cake on your own!



Who doesn’t love a good empanada? When you think of authentic Filipino food, you might not think of empanadas right away. But it is actually a traditional snack that is very prominent in the Philipines. At Bread ‘n Batter, they offer a chicken or pork empanada on their menu. They are fresh and made from scratch, and simply delectable! A must try!

customized cakes
customized cakes

Along with the treats you can grab from them, they also do customized cakes for any special occasions. So next time you are in need of a delicious birthday cake, get one from Bread ‘n Batter!

As you can see, there are no shortages of delicious treats at Bread ‘n Batter! If you are in Milton, stop everything you are doing and check them out now! And if you are not from Milton, make a day trip and visit them soon! It will be well worth the trip!

Have you tried any Filipino baked goods before? What is your favourite? Comment below, would love to hear your favourites!