5 Ways to Save Money While Grocery Shopping

With the ever-increasing food prices, I put together this post to help you save a few bucks while you are grocery shopping. If you have any other tips, comment below and let me know!

Price Matching

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Plan your grocery trip ahead of time with a list of all the items you actually need to buy. The first thing I usually do is to do a fridge, freezer, and pantry inventory. I dig through all my stuff to only buy stuff I actually need. I use the app Flipp to create a shopping list that categorizes the items by department so when you go to the grocery store, it makes shopping a lot easier. (No need to go back to the same aisles more than once since you forgot something). I love using the Flipp app for price matching as well. Once you add an item to your shopping list, it shows you all the stores that are selling that product. You can easily find the grocery store that is selling it for the cheapest. But my next tip is to actually shop at a grocery store that does price matching. You can create your shopping list and highlight all the items you can get cheaper elsewhere. Once you hit the checkout line, you can show the app to the cashier and they will price match for you. Since all the prices live on the app, you don’t need to worry about saying physical flyers and bring them into the grocery store. Not all grocery store does price matching. Some place that does include, No Frills, Real Canadian Super Store, and Fresh Co. Make sure you look at their price matching rules since some of the grocers only price match with certain stores.

Use FlashFood App

Loblaw steps up rollout of Flashfood | Supermarket News

FlashFood has been around for a few years now and they are growing which is fantastic. The basic premise of FlashFood is that grocery stores can sell their almost expiring food on the app at a heavily discounted price instead of throwing it out. There are usually so much food waste at any grocery store so this helps get it out of landfills especially when the food is still good! You can find any items from produce, meats, to packaged items. When you download the app, you can put your location in and see local grocery stores participating on this app. If you find something you like, you can buy it through the app with your credit card and simply show your confirmation at the customer service area of the grocery store you are picking up at. Use this link to sign up and get $5 off your next purchase of $0.50 or greater.

Food Fund


Food fund recently launched in 2021 and they are growing as we speak. They sell produce that are not visually perfect at a discount. You can purchase items from the Food fun website as a one time purchase or subscribe to their produce box and chose the frequency you like to purchase from them. They have both regular and organic produce at very reasonably priced.

Shop In Season

When produce are in season, they are cheaper to buy. Notice how strawberries are cheaper in June when they are locally grown versus buying them in December and imported from somewhere else. Pay attention to when certain fruits and vegetables are in season and try to work with that schedule so you are saving a few bucks whenever you can.

Grow Your Own Food

I know this might be hard for some people to do because of lack of space or knowledge but I promise you, YOU CAN DO IT! Growing food is not that hard and yes, you have to be realistic with what you can grow depending on where you live, but you can definitely grow a little something. If you are brand new to the gardening world, try something like tomatoes or herbs. you can grow them in containers so even if you have a lack of space, you can make it work. Tomatoes and herbs are fairly easy to grow too, as long as you fertilize, water the plant and give it a good dose of sunshine, you will be successful. Growing your own food is not only a money saver, it is also super satisfying to eat your own produce and it tastes so much better!

So there you have it, 5 ways to shop smarter and save a few bucks every time you go grocery shopping! Share your money saving tips below!