Will You Try Timbits Cereal?

Yup, you read correctly! POST cereal and Tim Horton’s have teamed up to create the latest in sugary cereal to hit your breakfast table! In a recent press release the two companies shared, “Post Foods Canada has created two new breakfast cereals inspired by the irresistible taste of some of Canada’s favourite Timbits® flavours. Starting in early 2020, Post Timbits® Chocolate Glazed Cereal and Post Timbits® Birthday Cake Cereal will be available in major grocery stores nationwide.”

Tim Horton’s was founded in the 60s in Hamilton, Ontario and the timbits were introduced in the 70s! I bet a lot of local Hamiltonians and Canadians will be excited to give this new cereal a try!

Are you a fan of Timbits? Which flavour would you try first? Birthday cake or chocolate glazed? Comment below and let me know!