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Why the Panasonic GH5S is a Great Camera for Content Creators

Picture from Panasonic’s Website

Disclaimer: I am a Panasonic Lumix Ambassador, but as always, the opinions are my own in this blog post.

I don’t really talk much about the gear I use while I create my content but if you are curious about what I use, keep reading!

I want to preface that it depends on what kind of content creator you are, are you in food, fashion, self-care? Think about what type of content you want to focus on creating and get the gear that best suits that. A few years ago, most content creators heavily focused on creating beautiful pictures, but as we see TikTok taking off, Youtube Shorts, and now even Instagram is focusing more on video, the reality is that most content creators will have to create videos to stay relevant. So what does this mean for the type of gear you need? Look for a camera that can create good quality videos and also can capture video in lower light settings.

Camera I recommend for Content Creators

I have been using Panasonic cameras for years now. I find their interface really easy to use and the cameras are not heavy especially when you have to lug it around town. I have used the GH5 for many years but I was lucky enough to try the GH5S recently! Here are some reasons why I really enjoyed using the GH5S!

Same Interface As the GH5 (What I have been using)

Since I was really used to the interface of the GH5, it was really nice to be able to pick up the GH5s and get right to work without having to fumble around the controls. Especially if you are on location at a shoot, the last thing you want is to google on the spot how to do something on the camera.

Great Video Captures & Great in Low Lighting Settings

As I mentioned before, most content creators have leaned heavily on video creation on their platforms to stay relevant. The GH5s is great at capturing really great video content. It is high quality and even in lower lighting settings. (Which I find myself in a lot of times with dimly lit restaurants).

Dual SD Card Slots

Many people might not really think about this aspect of a camera, but it is a crucial piece if you are shooting for clients. Having dual SD card slots allow you to record on both SD cards at the same time. This means, if one card becomes corrupt, you still have a backup and your whole day’s worth of work is not lost. This is HUGE in my opinion and I really think it should just be a feature in all cameras these days. Even in a non-work setting, you wouldn’t want to lose all your vacation photos like this!

Can be Used for Live Zoom Streaming

As you know, I host many virtual zoom cooking classes and I find that the GH5s performs really well as my secondary camera for these online classes. I usually use two camera angles, one from my laptop and one from my actual camera. With the GH5s you can add your external mic, receiver, and cord to connect to your computer for any live streaming purposes. Yes, you can do this with other cameras as well but again, the video quality is great from the GH5s which makes your online streaming quality really crisp! When people attend my class, they often comment that it looks like a high-quality cooking show on TV!

Other Equipment You Will Need

Having the perfect camera is just step one to what you will need to become a content creator. You will also need at minimum, these items:

  • Microphone (a lav mic is really needed espeically if you are recording video or doing live videos.) When people cannot hear you, they don’t stick around.
  • Lights! Espeically if you are in Canada like me, the winters are long and dark! Lights are a great investment whether you are taking photos, videos, or both!

There are many other fun gadgets to get but if you are just starting out, I would start off with these items first and then see what else you really need.

Why Should I get a Camera? My Phone takes Great Photos!

I hear this a lot and while I do not disagree that our cell phones have come a long way in terms of photo quality, it is still not the same. And really it depends on what type of content creation work you are doing. If you are only creating content for yourself and your social media platforms, you may be able to get away with only using your phone to grab pictures and videos. However, if you aspire to work with brands and paying clients, you will definitely need to upgrade. When you take raw images with your camera, you can really edit the details of your photos which you cannot do with your phone photos easily.

To learn more about the Panasonic GH5s or their other cameras, check out this link!