Skip all the hassle and use Skip the Dishes for dinner tonight! (Read on to get $7 off!)

You’ve probably heard or seen some ads on Skip the Dishes on the radio or your Facebook feed recently. Let me give you a quick run down of this amazing food delivery service! Skip the Dishes partners with different towns and cities and work with their local restaurants to set up food delivery services. Gone are the days where you can only get pizza delivered to your house!  Skip the Dishes started in 2012 and in only a few short years, they have expanded their delivery services to over 20 cities in North America.

A few months back I was so glad to see that they were planning to set up in my home town, Milton, Ontario. Let’s be honest, the last couple of weeks in Toronto have been super duper cold and my hibernation mode is strong these days! Bundling up in long underwear, scarfs, hats and jackets just doesn’t seem too appealing just to grab take out.  Skip the Dishes came to Milton just in time for these bitter cold days! Thank goodness!

Even though the list of restaurants in Milton is not huge, but there are some pretty tasty and some of my local favs on the list (Khazana and Thai House anyone?)  Using Skip the Dishes is very easy, especially if you have used apps like Uber before. The Skip the Dishes app is free to download as well! Once you sign up for an account, you put in your address and a list of restaurants that deliver in your area will pop up. You will see how much they charge for delivery (some are free if you order over a certain amount!) and you can browse their menu. Just like online shopping, you add the menu items into your cart and check out when you complete you order. You can add a tip for your delivery driver as well! (The driver gets the full tip, so be generous, they are driving around in the bitter cold for us!)

Skip the dishes app

Once the order have been placed, you get a confirmation that the restaurant received your order and you can track on the app where your driver is. Just like Uber, you can see when your order will arrive. I was so obsessed to see how far the driver was. And when they are a few minutes away, the app tells you to “Get ready!”

Skip the Dishes GPS

The thing I like most about the app is that the food comes very quickly and the food is hot! A lot of times you get take out or order delivery and the food ends up being ice cold! I have tried Skip the Dishes a few times and every time the order comes pipping hot!

The drivers are friendly and efficient and makes the overall experience outstanding! (Shout out to Mark and Teresa for delivering our orders in Milton!)

Best part is that you can order your food in your PJs and not have to step out in the minus 1000 degree weather while still having a delicious meal! Hoping more restaurants will jump on board in Milton so there are more selections for us!

Skip the dishes

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**Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. As always, opinions are my own.**