Liaison College Hamilton: Where Your Culinary Dreams Come True

liaison college hamilton

I have always thought about going to culinary school since graduating high school since I love cooking and would love to perfect my culinary skills. I haven’t made the plunge to attend but it is always something at the back of my mind. I recently discovered there is a Liaison College right here in Hamilton!

Like in any culinary college, Liaison College offers programs that range from a few months to a few years. Whether you are a person trying to become a chef as a career or just trying to perfect some skills, they have a program that is right for you.

Fun fact, did you know that you can actually stop by the college and enjoy a “Chef of the Day” lunch when the students are about to graduate? Most people do not know this option is available but I guess I will let you in on this secret! 😛 At the end of the program, the students have to put together a 3 course lunch and serve it like a restaurant. This encompasses all the skills they learned during their program and gives them an opportunity to show off their skills to the diners. The students in class all ban together and help cook and serve the meal alongside their teacher Chef Mike Spitzer.

liaison college hamilton

I love how the public can attend these lunches and support these up and coming chefs. Hamilton have so many new restaurants popping up every single day and wouldn’t it be great to support these chefs’ journey from day one? I bet these graduates will create some fun restaurants in Hamilton in the near future!

Recently a group of my food loving friends decided to stop by one of the Chef of the Day Lunch featuring Chef Dena. For only $25 per person, you get a 3 course meal where you can choose from an appetizer, lunch item and a dessert. Everything is crafted with love and the presentation is top notch. You can pretty much get a fine dining meal for only $25! I was lucky enough to chat with Chef Dena ahead of the lunch to see how she got inspired to create these beautiful dishes and what her plans are after graduation!

What were the Inspirations Behind Chef Dena’s Dishes

Chef Dena: “These are dishes that I have tried and loved and I wanted others to enjoy the same way I did, so I lovingly made them my own way. I also really enjoy the combination of savoury and sweet, so I incorporated that in my menu as in my Armenian pomegranate bulgur salad and the veal kebab with cherry sauce!”

The dishes Chef Dena made included a butternut squash soup, Armenian bulgur salad, vegetarian moussaka, veal kabab with cherry sauce and a sticky toffee pudding. When she mentioned the savoury and sweet components, she nailed it with every dish. The balance of sweet and savoury was perfection!

What are Your Goals After Graduation?

Chef Dena: “Being in a culinary school and being exposed to many experiences made me realize how passionate I am about baking! So I would love to continue working in the baking field, making, getting creative with and exploring new, heartwarming baked goods!”

liaison college hamilton

What is One of Your Favourite Thing Attending Liaison College in Hamilton?
Chef Dena: “Practicing culinary skills made me know that everything is achievable! I am now more courageous to try making new dishes!” This just warms my heart to see food loving people continue to explore and go out of their comfort zone and try new things in the culinary world.

Why Do You Love Food So Much?
Chef Dena: “It is one of the joys of life, it is a form of art, a form of science and it gathers people. Couldn’t agree more with this answer from Chef Dena. Food is a magical thing!

If you are interested in learning more about Liaison College, check out their website or stop by the campus located in Jackson Square and chat with them about your future career in food! Also, ask them when their next Chef of the Day Lunch is and join in and support some future chefs!