Hamilton’s BEST Fish & Chips Restaurant (Psst, they are gluten-free too)

Fish & Chips is a very delicate subject to many people. Like coffee, people have a very strong preference for how they like their fish and chips. And once they find a place they like, they become loyal customers. This is how I feel about Hammerhead’s on Ottawa street in the Eastern part of Hamilton, run and operated by Hamilton’s very own Scott Forbes.

A few things that make a good fish and chip meal for me:

  1. Fresh seafood
  2. Just the right amount of crispiness
  3. Fish to batter ratio
  4. Quality French fries

Hammerhead’s really hit all these must-haves when it comes to their delicious fish and chips. They have a variety of fish on their menu including the classics like haddock and halibut . They also bring in other varieties so every time you go, there may be a fish that you have never tried before!

Everything is cooked fresh, so there is never soggy fish and chips here! The fish to batter ratio is also perfect, you are not searching through the thick batter looking for the fish here and you can really taste the quality of their fish! Also, even though it is fried, you never feel like you are eating a greasy meal. Many people think frying fish and chips is an easy thing to do, but if you have tried making it at home before, you know it is an art that not everyone can achieve.

And not to forget, the French fries here are made from scratch and you can taste the difference. When I visited, bags and bags of potatoes were being delivered into the small shop. With the amount of potatoes being delivered, you know people love their French fries!

Hammerhead’s officially celebrated their 2nd birthday on Ottawa Street recently (March 2020). But for decades, there was always a fish and chips restaurant on Ottawa Street that Hamiltonians frequented. But what makes Hammerhead’s stand out from all the other fish and chips joints in Hamilton? Lots…

  • they are gluten-free! And I bet you won’t even know when you order any of their meals
  • they also sell fresh and frozen seafood so you can pick up some seafood to cook at home! They even have sushi-grade fish
  • They have amazing curries on their menu as well! This was inspired by Scott’s travels and from his old work colleagues
  • They serve sustainable seafood (this is near and dear to my heart!)
  • Scott’s love, care, and dedication to serving high-quality seafood

Hammerhead’s is definitely not your typical fish and chips restaurant. They have taken it to a whole new level but still kept it comfortable and inviting inside.

When people talk about the East end of Hamilton, it doesn’t get as much excitement as the downtown core. But fortunately, with places like Hammerhead’s opening up, the food scene is changing on Ottawa Street and it has become a destination for good food, antique shopping, and tons of other cool shops. I highly recommend you spend the day exploring Ottawa Street in Hamilton! PS: You can also find the original Tim Horton’s on Ottawa Street!

Thank you Scott for hosting me at Hammerhead’s! I cannot wait to come back soon!