Craving authentic Greek sweet treats? Time to call Two Sweet Greeks!

When you think of “Greek food”, the first things that probably come mind are spanakopita, souvlaki, gyros, and the other difficult-to-pronounce-but-delicious foods.  But then I heard about the world of Greek desserts.  And let me tell you- it’s amazing. I took the plunge, and have to share my recent discovery with all of you!

When I first heard about Greek desserts I thought that I had to fly to Athens to experience something authentic.  But then I found out that in my own backyard here in (yes, you guessed it!) Milton there exists this wonderful place called Two Sweet Greeks. Their secret culinary weapon: incredible, bite-sized, and authentic Greek desserts.  Family duo Dessy and her mother Georgia started the business in 2015 out of a long-held for feeding their community.  They set out to take Miltonians out of their dessert comfort zone, and the rest is ancient Greek history.

Their recipes come from the family’s hometown of Smyrna, Greece (modern day Izmir, Turkey) and have been passed down to family members for generations. Each recipe is an original masterpiece combined with specific techniques, timing and of course a couple of secret ingredients.  Mix those together and voila, you have Two Sweet Greeks’ perfectly-curated Greek desserts.
One neat fact about Two Sweet Greeks is that they cater to the vegan and gluten-free treat lovers.  After a close family friend was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, the ladies of Two Sweet Greeks fine-tuned their signature desserts to capture an even wider audience. And soon enough their gluten-free re-creations became a local hit!  There’s a true shortage of amazing, diverse vegan and gluten-free desserts.  But have no fear, Two Sweet Greeks are here!  On the menu, there are gluten-free Kourabiedes (those puffy, cloud-like sugar and walnut cookies)  and Loukoumades (those golden brown, deep-fried pastries). For the vegans, they have Melomakarona, Baklava, Bougatsa, Diples (only for Christmas), and Kataifi.  Observe!
Baklava: Roasted almond and walnuts mixed with cinnamon sugar and spices, rolled in a buttery phyllo.  Then baked to perfection and lightly-bathed in honey-syrup (available with chocolate).
Baklava cupcakes (yes, you heard that right!): Vanilla-spiced cupcake with a baklava centre, topped with fresh cinnamon whipped cream and a bite-sized serving of baklava.


Bougatsa! Vanilla custard wrapped in buttery phyllo and dusted with icing sugar and cinnamon (available vegan, and with strawberry and chocolate fillings).


Melomakarona: spiced cookies baked to perfection, bathed in honey-syrup and topped with walnuts and cinnamon.


Loukoumades: Greek-style fried donut holes tossed in honey-syrup and sprinkled with cinnamon. Loukoumades are available in gluten-free and vegan. There are two additional flavours available: strawberry filling (Sweet Aphrodite), and Lindt chocolate filling (Bomba loukoumades)! **Drools**


Kourambiedes (the white, sugar-powdered cookies pictured above): Shortbread almond cookies covered in icing sugar. Available in gluten-free.


These are just some of the treats that the Two Sweet Greeks create.  Now, wipe that drool off of your keyboard, head over to the Two Sweet Greeks website and check out their full menu offerings.  You won’t regret it.  Also, try not to jump through your screen to get at the desserts (but if you do, I won’t judge you).

Welcome to my smartphone’s speed dial, Two Sweet Greeks.