Best Donuts near Toronto!

6 different colourful donuts with text on top saying The Best Donuts Near Toronto!

Doughnuts or Donuts, however you spell it, it has been a sweet treat that have gained so much popularity, it is hard not to see a new doughnut shop popping up everywhere! Check out my video on the BEST Donut Shops near Toronto!

Since there are so many doughnut shops near Toronto, I decided to do the hard work (you are welcome!) and try a bunch of shops to find the BEST doughnuts near Toronto! Let’s get started!

plain sugar dusted doughnut from daddy o in mississauga

First stop, Daddy O Doughnuts and British Baked Shop! This shop have been a favourite of mine for awhile. It has a 50s vibe in there that is always fun to be in. Sarah Harris, the owner is so full of passion for her amazing doughnuts, it is always fun to chat with her and hear about how Daddy O was inspired by her Dad’s shop in Britain! If you want to read a full review of my visit to Daddy O, check it out here. I really love how creative Sarah gets with her doughnuts but my favourite is probably the original sugar dusted one from Daddy O! It is just full of flavour and really hits the spot! They have vegan options as well and also an assortment of delicious British Baked Goods! You will definitely find something for everyone here!

purple ube and coconut donut from the donut monster in Hamilton

Next, we stopped in at my favourite Hamilton Donut shop, The Donut Monster! They are known for their hand made, small batch donuts that often sell out! I love The Donut Monster because it has such a nice homey feeling when you enter. From the staff to the other guests enjoying their donuts, it really highlights how Hamilton is changing and the love of good food this city thrives. The donuts here are very different, for example, they currently have an ube donut. For those that don’t know what ube is, it is a purple yam that many South East Asians cook with, especially in desserts. It produces a beautiful purple colour you cannot miss. The Donut Monster also serves vegan donuts and delicious coffee. You can find them all over Hamilton but nothing beats visiting their shop on Locke Street.

Bright pink home simpson doughnut from the sunshine doughnut company

Lastly, we headed over to Burlington’s very own Sunshine Doughnut Company. You really can’t miss this shop because from a mile away you can see the giant Homer Simspon doughnut standing tall and proud above their shop. From the same owners of Son of a Peach Pizzeria, this doughnut shop is a local favourite! They use as much local ingredients and in season items as they can to make their doughnuts and you can really taste the difference! One of their most popular doughnut is the apple fritters, because who doesn’t love a good apple fritter? The shops is modern and sleek looking and a definitely must visit on your best doughnut hunt!

There are so many amazing donut shops all over the Greater Toronto Area! Where is your favourite spot?